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Jeff Justus

What can I say, timing is everything.  Considering my good friend Jeff Justus has a comedy show coming up I thought I would do a post featuring some of his head shots.  We shot these photos last year.  Just a simple set up using a paper background and one of my favorites, the ABR800 ring light.  Jeff is a fellow fire fighter and like most of us has a part-time gig.  His just happens to be a little cooler then most.  He is a comedian.  Believe me, this guy is funny.  The show is Sept 28th at the Party Barn in Amarillo Texas.  You can get tickets by contacting Town Square Media at 806.355.9777.  I’m putting some of Jeff’s social links below in case you want to stalk him.  Just a heads up.  Jeff’s comedy can vary from PG to Rated R depending on the venue, so if you are easily offended….um well you get the idea.